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Weddings take a lot of special attention to make them a fabulous event and with our expereinced DJs you can be sure it will be an event to remember for a lifetime...


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Whether you need entertainment for a corporate holiday party or a child's 10th birthday we have music and the expertise to suit your needs...




If you already have an event scheduled with us you may login with your username and password to find the necessary documents for covering your event.

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Photo & Video Montages



A Photo and Video montage is a wonderful presentation of cherished photographs and/or video clips to go along with your event that is perfect for: weddings, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, reunions, retirements, corporate events, and more! 

Your slideshow is a compilation of photographs, home movies, and titles set to the music of your choice. And when your event is over you get a complimentary copy of the entire slideshow on DVD. Additional copies can be purchased as gifts for parents or for wedding favors.

At the event, your personalized montage will be projected on a large projection screen and patched into the main DJ sound system. Most slideshows last approx. 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of footage we receive from you.

All of our montage packages include: scanning of images, video transfers, transitions, special effects, titles, and addition of music. We will set up the entire presentation the day of your event using a projector, screen, DVD Player, and Sound system. So you don't have to lift a finger the day of your event.

If you are planning on having us do a video montage for you please notify us as soon as possible. The more time we have before your event to put it together the better the show will be. This also does take some effort on the part of our clients. We will need you to acquire and organize your photos in a storytelling fashion that is set in a timeline order. Some ideas are: childhood images, photos with friends and family, special events in your life such as graduations, sporting events, etc. for weddings photos of you together as a couple.


If someone has created a slideshow for you we can also just do the presentation of it for you at the wedding or event, however since we are not the creators of the montage itself we can not guarantee that it will work with our equipment. If arrangements are made for us to present a show created by someone other than us we request that we receive the DVD at least 4 weeks in advance to make sure it is compatible with our equipment to alleviate any issues before the day of your event.


slideshow set-up

Slideshow Set-Up