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Weddings take a lot of special attention to make them a fabulous event and with our expereinced DJs you can be sure it will be an event to remember for a lifetime...


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Whether you need entertainment for a corporate holiday party or a child's 10th birthday we have music and the expertise to suit your needs...




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Event Tips & Considerations



How is the reception location designed?
Some venues have multiple rooms rather than one large room. It’s best to keep everyone in the same room for the party so that they can hear the music and once the formalities start you don’t have to round people up for the toast or the first dance. If they are around the music all night they will be more likely to participate when the dance portion of the event begins.

Can the room be dimmed?
This is important to consider because sometimes lights can only be turned on or off. People are less likely to dance in bright lights so it helps with the atmosphere of the party if the level of the lights can be controlled. We do provide a small light set-up free of charge with every booking that can help set the mood of your event. This light set-up includes: a colored LED Panel, White Disco Ball and a Laser Light Show. Uplighting for the surrounding reception area is also available for an additional fee.

How old is the building/electrical wiring?
Some buildings with old wiring can cause a humming sound in PA systems. Ask the owner or those in charge of the building if there has ever been a problem with that before.

How much power do you have?
If your event is outside in a tent, make sure you have ample power for lighting, heating food and music. This way you can avoid any power outages and breaks in the music.

Using a generator for power?
Make sure you understand which plug to have the DJ to plug into. If it’s the wrong plug it could fry his gear and not only are you out music for your event but may have to replace the damaged gear. If your venue does not have power and you need to use a generator we can also provide one for our sound equipment for an addtional fee.

Is the event outside?
If your event is outdoors we do require that there is some sort of tent or shelter for the DJ. Weather conditions can change in a matter of minutes so protecting the sound gear is essential to making sure there is still music for your event. If you do not have a tent space availabe for us we can provide one for free just make sure you mention it during our consultation.

How convenient is it for the vendors to load equipment?
To avoid any delays and headaches you should provide instructions on how and where to load in and out of the venue before the day of your event.

Is there a noise ordinance in the area of your reception?
Some places are located in residential areas or in Hotels with guests and you can only play the music softly. To avoid possible fines, for you or the DJ, make sure you understand the buildings policy on sound levels. Also, consider that people are more likely to dance if the music is louder because they can “feel” the music. If we are asked to "turn down" or to "stop" playing music by police authorities you will still be responsible for paying us for the remainder time we are booked for your event.

Do you know where the DJ is going to be at the reception?
Put the DJ by the dance floor. The party will be better if the DJ can get a feel for the crowd and event. If you put DJs in a corner or closet they can’t get the feel of the crowds energy and your event might suffer. It's also not wise to put tables with guests in between the DJ and the dance floor because it not only will be uncomfortably loud for those guests, but because of the reasons we mentioned above.  

Are there multiple events going on at the same time?
Some places hold multiple events at the same time and separate rooms with fold out walls. If this is the case try to setup the room where there is a minimal amount of sound bleeding through the walls or consider changing rooms or buildings. After all you don’t want to be hearing another party’s music while you are doing your toasts.